We drive the transformative potential of data and technology for the common good.

We are an innovation hub focused on creating positive economic, social, and environmental impact through the smart, creative, and responsible use of data and technology. We improve the decision-making of companies, non-profit organizations, and public agencies in Latin America and the United States.



We help organizations use data in a creative and efficient way. We invest in disseminating knowledge and democratizing data frameworks and tools so that all organizations (public and private) can increase their positive impact.


We create the best data frameworks and tools for organizations that want to become data-driven and inform decisions with data, building internal capacity and addressing existing challenges.

We focus on the beneficiaries of the economic, social, and environmental impact of the organizations we work with, using methodologies that place users at the center.


This is our social contribution. We develop and disseminate data frameworks, tools, and content in digital media to democratize knowledge and tools for the common good.

Our purpose is to make this type of information and tools accessible so that more public and private organizations can have a greater positive impact.



Racial discrimination and gender inequalities are systemic, complex, and multidimensional problems. We use data and technology to understand these issues and inform solutions.


In an increasingly environmentally-driven society, productive activities that do not make a conscious and responsible use of their resources will be left out. We help organizations use data and technology to ensure sustained economic prosperity.


Businesses and organizations can have a significant impact on their communities and ecosystems. We create tools to measure that impact and to foster deliberate actions that organizations can take to advance their missions.


Victoria Orozco, Founder and CEO of PUNTO, was born and raised in Macachín, Province of La Pampa, Argentina. In 2008, she moved to the City of Buenos Aires to study a Bachelor in Economics at Universidad de Buenos Aires. She then completed a Master’s in Economics at Universidad de San Andrés, and a Master’s in Public Administration and International Development at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). At HKS, Victoria chaired the Harvard Argentine Student Society and was an Editor of the Latin American Policy Journal. Victoria received a scholarship from Argentina’s Ministry of Education and Fulbright for her graduate studies.

After many years of working with data tools to improve the design and implementation of programs with economic and social impact, both in Argentina and the United States, Victoria founded PUNTO to continue working on these issues across the Americas. She is convinced of the transformative potential of data and technology for the common good. Victoria is also the Co-founder of Hacedoras, a non-profit organization that aims to promote Latin American female leaders in policy and politics.



They invest in data and technology tools to improve decision-making and maximize their positive impact, using frontier frameworks and in line with sustainable development goals.

Civil Society Organizations

They are committed to becoming data-driven, using data in a creative and responsible way, and designing programs focused on the needs of their beneficiaries through technology and data analytics.

Government Agencies

They want to ensure a responsible use of their data, improve their processes, and design public policies based on data and evidence.



Buenos Aires, Argentina

Weston, United States

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