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After many years of designing and implementing programs with economic and social impact, Victoria Orozco, founder of PUNTO, decided to create a company from which to continue working on these issues, highlighting aspects that are fundamental to her but often relegated in the professional world.

Before moving to the United States, Victoria worked for five years in research centers and in the public sector in Argentina. She served as a researcher for the Center for the Implementation of Public Policies for Equity and Growth (CIPPEC), and as a project manager at the National Ministry of Production of Argentina, where she was in charge of improving policy designs to better support small and medium enterprises.

During all these years she taught Macroeconomics and International Economics at the University of Buenos Aires. Some of her projects include an Analysis of the Development of Industry 4.0 in Argentina and a Toolkit to measure the Digital Economy


In the United States, she worked at Nowak Metro Finance Lab, where she developed data tools and analytics to inform local leaders across the U.S. and achieve a more equitable and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem. She also led the design of the Small Business Equity Toolkit, launched in March 2021. Her focus was on businesses owned by women and people of color. 

Data and technology for the common good. That’s our purpose at Punto. We believe in the power of data and technology to positively impact, from a social, economic, and environmental perspective, the construction of a more just society.

Value proposition

We are leaders in the use of data and technology to improve equity, sustainability, and impact in Latin America and the United States.

We bring the use of data and technology to public agencies and civil society organizations that cannot yet access these tools.

We team up with companies to maximize their triple impact.

We promote small habits in the use of data and technology that help more organizations use their data to improve decision-making and maximize their positive impact.

Punto. Point. The Data Point. Because it is the place where all begins. Because talking about this basic data unit keeps this simple. That’s what we want to do.

We are creative, responsible and innovative.


The progress on the creation of data, as well as the technology and innovation at its service, build a bridge of hope to improve the efficiency of both public and private initiatives for the common good.

At Punto, we are convinced that data can contribute to closing the social gap.



A few organizations are harnessing the full transformative potential that data and technology offer. In many others, data remains siloed and fragmented, unable to inform strategic decisions. This limits our progress as a society.

At Punto, we contribute to the democratization of knowledge about the use of data for the common good.

Data is only a means to an end. There is often a disconnection between the issue and how the data is used. For this reason, at Punto we want to ensure that the beneficiaries are always at the center, and that the use of data ultimately responds to the challenge that we want to tackle.

We consider it essential to uplift certain aspects of the work at the intersection of data, technology, and strategic decision-making. First, the importance of putting the society and the beneficiaries at the center. Second, the need to address the gap in existing capabilities, both in governments and in the private sector. And last but not least, the relevance of involving diverse teams and perspectives in the process.

Data and technology tools are only a means to a greater end. There is an idea that certain techniques provide greater significance, when in reality the techniques should have a secondary role focused on the purpose. As a society we face complex challenges that require us to put the purpose at the center of our actions”, says our founder.



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